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March to Qingdao

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Rich Group invites business partners to come to the exhibition

From November 7th to 9th, the 23rd International Fisheries Expo will be held at the Qingdao International Expo Center. Qingdao International Fisheries and Seafood Expo is a platform for the global achievements and ideas of aquatic industry. Since its inception, its scale and influence have become increasingly prominent in the global aquatic industry. It provides a high-quality Learning, sharing, communication, and win-win platform for global seafood chain leaders, industry elites and colleagues.

As an excellent marine food company in China, Dalian Rich Group has been invited to participate in the exhibition for 13 consecutive sessions. The “Be your seafood master; for the benefit of your health” has always been the original intention and goal of the Rich Group. This conference is not only a stage for us to show strength and vitality, but also a platform for cooperation and new win-win cooperation.

Since its establishment in 1994, Rich has always shouldered the sacred mission of “being a marine food expert and serving as a public health service”. After more than 20 years of development and accumulation, in the industrial chain advantage construction, resource integration, production management Branding, corporate culture and many other aspects have formed a strong competitive ability. At present, Rich Group is building a large-scale marine industrial base project integrating marine food research, modern processing and manufacturing, intelligent cold chain logistics, experience display, industrial tourism and cross-border e-commerce. The Rich Group is building a modern food production and manufacturing park in accordance with international and domestic first-class standards, realize industrial upgrading and build China's most advanced international marine product processing base. The intelligent cold chain logistics center of the new industrial base will fully access the most advanced ERP management system and set up a product finishing workshop to provide one-stop service for cross-border e-commerce. In addition, the Group has the most advanced catering R&D team in China, which will provide customers with overall catering solutions based on market changes to ensure diversified sustainability. At the same time, we will also increase investment in product research and development, further optimize the industrial chain, increase resource grafting and integration, strengthen in-depth cooperation with the world's major marine fisheries, and realize “building a marine food ecosystem and building a platform enterprise for the Rich Group”. "

From strategy to cooperation, from product to service, Ruichi Group relies on the advantages of marine resources to further promote the industrialization process of “marine food kitchens”, and has created “Rich”, “Dalianwan”, “Seafood Master” and "Story of Salmon" and other brands, the products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and have been widely praised by consumers.

The global fishery trade has broad prospects. China's seafood consumption demand is extremely bright. In the overall situation of seafood transformation, the Rich Group will shoulder the responsibility and mission of the seafood industry and strive to become the benchmark in the industry. We are willing to work together with the world's seafood colleagues, sincere cooperation, and jointly promote food safety and the healthy development of the seafood industry, and work together in a tide of global seafood industry to achieve a steady progress.

For the dream, set off again

Another year of accumulation

We set off again

Full of the hope of the Richers

From the side of the ocean to another

Another year of promise

We set off again

Full of the strength of the Richers

From the side of the ocean to another

Another year's journey

We set off again

Full of the passion of Richers

From the side of the ocean to another

For the great vision

To “be your seafood master; for the benefit of your health”

We are looking forward to the glory

We sing on the way back with  triumph