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       The company owned high-standard and modern marine food research, development, processing, storage and transportation base and 4 maturely operated processing plants. The annual production and processing capacity and product development and storage capacity are all ranked at the industrys front. Now it has marketed hundreds of products such as ocean prepared food series, marine leisure food series, seafood family convenience food series, characteristic ‘drying in one night’ series, hotel specialty series, Chinese fast food series, western fast food series, etc. 


      Technology research and development

      In more than 20 years, Rich Group has cultivated a group of marine food research and development exports with spirit of the craftsman. It specially invited famous foreign and domestic food experts and senior engineers as research and development advisors of the group. In addition, it maintains long-term cooperation with universities and research institutions and has established the Marine Food Research Institute. Its product research and development capacity is at the leading position of the industry. 

  Quality control management
       Food is the paramount necessity of the people. People in Rich Group always consider that making food is just building conscience. We provide high quality marine food filled with love to consumers just like “preparing New Year's eve family dinner for the mother”.