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Dalian Rich and Dalian Guofu Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement at Qingdao,CFSE 2018

It coincided with the 2018 CFSE, Dalian Rich Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. and Dalian Guofu Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement to reach a consensus on deep-seated and wide-area cooperation in information sharing and industrial strategy upgrading. The two sides will follow the principle of equality and mutual benefit to carry out various cooperation in an orderly manner. In line with the advantages of complementarity, resource sharing and deep-seated cooperation, we will promote industry integration, transformation and upgrading, and jointly build an industrial system with sustainable development capabilities. During the period, Deng Entang, President of Dalian Rich Enterprise Group and Yu Shengming, President of Dalian Guofu Food Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement witnessed by many peers and the pubic media.

Dalian Rich Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. and Dalian Guofu Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. are the leading enterprises in Dalian and even China's aquatic products processing industry. They have made great contributions to the development of China's aquatic industry for many years. Guofu Aquatic Products enjoys a high reputation for its strong manufacturing capabilities and high-quality standards. Its products have a high market share in Japan, the United States, Europe and other foreign markets. With the mission of “be your seafood expert; for the benefit of your health”, Rich Group has been sincerely served the marine industry for decades with global resource allocation, marine food research, modern processing and manufacturing, industrial chain construction, domestic and international market development, and international cooperation.

In recent years, Rich Group and Guofu Aquatic Products have been closely cooperating in processing and manufacturing, resource sharing, etc. According to this agreement, the two sides will upgrade their industrial strategies, information exchange, industrial chain construction, product development, manufacturing, marketing, talent cultivation and other fields. The two sides will carry out more extensive and deeper cooperation. At the signing ceremony, both parties stated that they will give full play to their respective resources, research and development, processing and market advantages, join forces, complement each other, share resources, support each other, and innovate new models of industry cooperation to promote healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

The signing of the contract coincides with the China International Fisheries Expo held in Qingdao. The successful signing ceremony was a booster to the Chinese aquaculture industry which was in the downturn. With the unremitting efforts of more talented people in responsible and responsible society, the future of China's aquatic industry is much brighter than ever before.