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         The development space of catering industry is huge. Facing the industry integration and industrial upgrade, the future catering industry’s characteristics and developing trends should be with characteristics, standards and chain-orientation. Based on this point, Dalianwan fish market relies on the strong research and development advantage of Rich Group to provide 360°customized professional services and solutions for catering companies, which can guarantee the standardization of products in catering industry, effectively reduce the huge research and development cost and purchasing cost of the catering industry, and strengthen the market competitive capacity of the catering industry. 
  360° all-around support, customized service
  (1)Technological training
  Providing standardized processing training to on spot processing personnel of cooperative partners;
  (2)Products supply
  To research and develop products with orientation for cooperative partners; sustainable and stable products supply;
  (3)Marketing support

Marketing activity plans; merchandising displaying of products; advertising both in stores and on internet;

  (4)After-sales service
  System security
  Dalianwan seafood gift packs

People in Rich Group consider products to be the communication bridge as well as link of trust between corporate and consumers. Dalianwan seafood gift packs are infused with responsibility and love of the People in Rich Group. From raw material selection to research, development and production, each step of the product manufacturing is extremely strict and demanding. “Dalianwan” is the No. 1 brand of seafood gift packs in northeast, and it is also the most reliable brand in the hearts of the people.