Corporate spirit : Salmon Concept

Gratitude   Dedication    Perseverance

Salmons overcome thousands of hardships and perils to travel and return to their mother river for gratitude and love;

Dedication spirit of sacrificing for loyalty and sustaining for love;

The perseverance of facing difficulties and forging ahead in torrent;

This is just the corporate spirit upheld by Rich people.

Our mission: Be your seafood expert for the benefit of your health

       The people in Rich Group always consider that the corporate is a business organization that shoulders social responsibility, creates value for society and prompts social progress.

The peoplein Rich Group regard sea as their industry, andstrive to integrate global quality aquatic resources, as well as develop "safe, nutritious, delicious, convenient and pleasing" marine food; they accelerate the process of industrialization in family kitchen, promote scientific dietary habit, create marine food ecological system and lead the healthy development of the industry.

Our vision: Sustainable growth relies on virtues and integrity

Our principle: Humane, sincere, innovative and progressive